Zaé has been associated with makeup artistry and beauty for over eight years, establishing a profession that has brought her to all aspects of the industry.

Zaé was born in Sydney, Australia, and has always had a natural interest in the beauty industry, pursuing trends she observed in magazines, and films with intrigue and a burning love. She cultivated her love and drive to exhibit her creativity by educating herself makeup artistry, as she is an artist by nature. She was enamoured with the ability of makeup to change the face while also bringing out its natural features. Her quest for excellence and thinking creatively marked her unique in the early stages of her profession, as she was never happy with reaching the beauty industry's prevalent norm.

Zaé's passion to express her joy for all things beauty, led her to educating and a way of sharing her experience, knowledge of the industry, and establishing artistry skills for both people who aspire and prevailing Makeup Artists. Zae hopes to inspire individuals who want to pursue in her paths by sharing personal experiences and ideas through her own experience of hard work, resilience, and commitment.

ZAE. The Person, The Artist, The Founder, and now The Brand was developed out of pure dedication, ambition, and understanding of what this would take to establish the ZAÉ look.  The artist who is revolutionizing artistry has studied components to achieve the beautiful brilliance that everyone craves. Every shade and formula required a deal of time and work to design, demonstrating that she is not one to skimp. 


After several months, this well-known beauty expert is finally ready to release her debut collection. 

"Be prepared for the voyage into endless beauty," Zae says, "this is merely the beginning."